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The Improv Classes – a New Students Experience

Posted on  by Comedy Spot

sscWhen I originally signed up to take The Comedy Spot Comedy Club’s Improv classes, it was to be more effective giving presentations at work and overcoming the nervousness that goes along with them. After the 8-week class I can say that I accomplished that goal and much more. I have more confidence. I am quicker on my toes in conversation. I am more relaxed. I’m a better listener. And I’m more at ease when in front of a large group. The moment I got on stage and got the first laugh, that nervousness was a thing of the past.

Taking a class isn’t usually synonymous with fun. But this one was. Sure it was structured and taught everyone how to be effective at Improv, but it didn’t feel like a class. I looked forward to every Saturday. Not only did we have a great group, but I also had a license to be as loud and as crazy as I wanted. It’s refreshing when you can walk into a room and leave all your filters at the door. I very quickly began to realize… it wasn’t just a class for me. It was therapy.

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would take Improv, I wouldn’t have believed them. Especially if they told me I would actually enjoy it and want to continue. The reality is, I took it solely to be more effective in my job, but I got more than I bargained for. You could say I’m fascinated with Improv. And I’m not alone. The majority of my group will be taking the class again in. Bring it on Comedy Spot!

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