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Stand-Up Comedy Class









Scottsdale Comedy Spot Stand-up Comedy Class

Date:    On-going
Time:   Sundays from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Cost:     $100 per person/per month (4 consecutive classes)
Length: On-going

Classes run EVERY Sunday, on-going.  Join anytime!

*Only one rule – if you are feeling/getting sick, PLEASE STAY HOME!  We don’t want to spread any illness – please be considerate of others!

How does it work?

Each class begins with a lesson that covers many of the key points that every comic should know. Then each student is given time onstage to share ideas with the class, try out new material, or just talk about their experiences. The teacher and the rest of the class will help you turn your ideas into solid stand-up material that will have them falling out of their seats!

Enrolled students will be part of the Comedy Class Showcases.  A performance show specifically for those enrolled in the comedy classes.

How do I sign up? How do I join?

  • To sign up and reserve your space, or if you have further questions, please email us using the following link: Info@thecomedyspot.net

About the Instructor

She is, the longest running comedy teacher in the Valley! Dee Ann Kinkade has been teaching Stand-Up Comedy at the Comedy Spot Comedy Club for 12 years now. She has also been teaching for the Scottsdale Community College as well as privately for over fifteen (15) years. She is an accomplished screenwriter and cable TV producer for E! Entertainment Television.

Scottsdale comedyDee Ann Kinkade, who has performed live stand-up at The Comedy Store in Hollywood, Rascals Comedy Club, and more, will take you step by step through developing and performing your own original material into a 3 – 5 minute routine.

YOU WILL NOT FIND A MORE EXPERIENCED, PATIENT TEACHER IN THE VALLEY! Learn the art of creating visual one-liners, doing impressions, using props… even how to deal with hecklers. This course may be repeated several times for continued development of your comedic talent. Enrollment is limited; early registration is strongly recommended.

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