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SPOT ON – My Weekend at the Comedy Spot (Ben Morrison)

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Playing a new club for the first time is always an interesting experience for a comedian. Will the room have good sound, are the audiences there to laugh or just yell, how many free drinks do I get? All are questions we chew over through a haze of old jokes we’re tired of and new jokes were afraid of on our long drive to the club. Such was my drive to the Comedy Spot Comedy Club in Scottsdale.

Thankfully I didn’t have anything to worry about. The club is the perfect size and intimacy for comedy. Sean, the owner (who does a better Greg Wilson impression than me, something that I thought was impossible) explained that it used to be a jazz club and has the ideal acoustics and atmosphere for winding thoughtful performances. And all comedians consider themselves jazz musicians anyway.

It couldn’t have been more fun! The opening acts were diverse and sharp, It’s always nice to find a club that puts as much stress on the young comics its nurturing as the headlining talent they’re promoting. The audiences were the kind of crowd that makes me love doing comedy. Intelligent, respectful and dare I say, highly “bang-able”! ┬áThe spot has the perfect blend of all the elements that make dick jokes so funny.

And who doesn’t love a good dick joke???

So now that I’m back in Los Angeles sitting on my porch watching Captain Jack Sparrow get in a fight with Tinkerbell on Hollywood boulevard I think about all the new jokes I thought of this weekend and wish I had a stage that open and free all the time. Which is why I plan on returning to the Comedy Spot, they have what I want and the more I get what I want the more audiences get what they want. It’s the reach-around of funny.

And the pizza rolls there are fucking good too.

– Ben Morrison

You can find out more about BEN MORRISON on his website here: benmorrison.org

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