7117 East 3rd Ave | Scottsdale, AZ


The SIC Sense Sketch Comedy Troupe

1497632_920067038026875_4110837494221891397_nThe [SIC] Sense has been entertaining audiences in Phoenix for over half a decade, and we are excited to be at The Comedy Spot to share our special kind of “sic”-ness in the fine city of Scottsdale.

Directed by founder Franc Gaxiola this show’s cast includes: Portia Beacham, Marcella Grassa, Jo Anna Larson, Brian Nuckols, Darius Rivera, and Pat “Birthday Boy” Russell.

Settle in to your seats and prepare to laugh at all of the wrong things. Nothing is sacred as we tackle important topics like vaccination and social media; and hold on to your hats when we sing songs you are just going to have to hear to believe!

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  • February 26th, 2015

    Time: 07:00 pm

    Price: $10.00

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