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Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents VALENTINE’S DAY

Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents K-Von

Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents K-Von

Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents K-VON!

Special Friday Night *Valentines Day Shows!

*Special Event – no passes, coupons, vouchers accepted.

About K-von:

As the star of MTV’s hit show “Disaster Date” K-von’s humor has made an international impact. This hilarious hidden-camera show displays his many talents as each of his characters prove funnier and more outrageous than the last. Additionally, after a two-year standup comedy tour and an appearance on SHOWTIME, K-von is ready to unleash even more of his ‘Hip Pop Culture’ brand of comedy both on-screen as well as in comedy clubs. Instead of going to Law School or pursuing the normal “good Persian son” path to medical school, K-von opted to follow his first love, making people laugh! He left the pursuit of Dentistry to his younger brother.

Inspired by the comics he most admires, David Letterman and the late George Carlin, K-von left his hometown in Nevada and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being an entertainer. As a child he wanted to be Letterman and one day have a job just like his. With Carlin, K-von admired his freedom to say anything he wanted while satirizing the general state of humanity. With this ammo in his psyche, K-von with his intense energy and charisma began to explore the edgy competitive environment of the LA comedy club scene. To his delight the audiences laugh at his take on the current state of dating as a young single male and the trials and tribulations of growing up in a culturally diverse family.

After performing internationally as a headliner and host, along with opening for such comics as Jamie Kennedy and Maz Jobrani, K-von has found, “The best part of comedy is I can hang out with people every night who can find a way to see humor in every aspect of life”.

When K-von has a break from performing he watches other up-and-coming comics work. He loves to exploit his talents as a chef and even demonstrated them on a cooking show “Hot Guys Who Cook.” K-von also enjoys music, especially U2, athletics, as K-von is a competitive tri-athlete, reading, and a love of animals. Sadly K-von’s performing schedule doesn’t allow him to have a pet at this time.

K-von aspires to have his comedy reach all ages as well as all walks of life. Look for him on TV or in a town near you performing live. While being edgy, younger audiences are able to enjoy his act. The thrill of making people laugh is K-von’s daily pursuit!

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