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Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents KEN AND BRADY


Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents KEN AND BRADY's ONE MAN SHOW

Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents KEN AND BRADY’s ONE MAN SHOW

Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents – ONE NIGHT ONLY – KEN AND BRADY’S ONE MAN SHOW!

Ken and Brady’s One Man Show (KB1MS) is a 45-minute comedy duo show in the tradition of Martin and Lewis and The Smothers Brothers, but with a twist.

At the opening of the show, a comedian (Ken) is introduced and the audience believes they are watching a typical stand-up comedy headliner. Several minutes into Ken’s stand-up routine, his ‘not all there’ brother (Brady) arrives in the showroom and disrupts Ken’s act.

A comic free-for-all ensues as Ken tries to regain control of the stage and get Brady to ‘sit down and be quiet’.  In the meantime, Brady does everything imaginable so that he may ‘do a show, too’. Inevitably, Brady’s antics steal the show, and Ken finally concedes that together, they can do a ‘two brother show’, like when they were kids. This results in a grand finale that audiences will find hard to forget.

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  • December 08th, 2013

    Time: 07:00 pm

    Price: $10.00

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