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Erik Mackenroth has been a comedian, headlining and featuring all over the US, for over fifteen years. Mackenroth went to college in central California and majored in dramatic arts. After acting in plays in High School and college, he always wanted to do stand up comedy. In 1995 he did his first Stand Up in a nightclub in Walnut Creek, California and has been performing comedy ever since. Many critics say that Mackenroth is very versatile when it comes to performing stand up comedy. One minute he making fun of himself, the next making fun of the audience, doing impressions, characters and also involving audience participation.  You don’t know what he is going to do next while on stage.

His first brake on TV came in 1998 when he appeared on the “Extreme Gong Show”. Mackenroth performed as a Flamenco Dancer who stuck live cockroaches down his pants while dancing. Mackenroth also has appeared on the CBS show “Clubhouse,” The Lifetime Channel, “How to Look Good Naked” and on the ABC Family Show “Switched.“  Recently he was in the National Lampoons film “Dirty Jokes the Movie,” where he acted as a drunk and was on “Man Up Stand Up on MavTV.  Mackenroth has appeared in many TV commercials, to name a few Savin Photocopiers, Caneman TV and for The Disneyland Resort.

You can hear Mackenroth’s hilarious stand up on the Comedy Channel on Sirius Radio. In 2008 and 2009 he was the Host of The Downtown Lounge Radio show on LA Talk Radio. On the Downtown Lounge show Mackenroth interviewed many famous actors, actresses and comedians. In 2009 and 2010 Mackenroth was the co- host of Combat Radio, that was also on LA Talk Radio. Combat Radio is a variety show, featuring variety of talent including Ultimate Fighters,  Musicians and Actors.

Erik has been featured in print as well including Joke books, newspapers and magazines. Currently, Mackenroth has been working on a brand new DVD and CD of his stand up routine available soon.

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