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Mike James

Mike JonesMike grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He was quickly labeled a ‘class clown’ and struggled through school, finding it very difficult to concentrate on school work when pretty much everything around him seemed to be begging for a punchline. After being ‘asked’ to leave the public school system, Mike ended up finishing high school at a private Catholic school.

Mike then joined the US Navy, and got married. Mike found a way to take life a bit more seriously as he got a bachelor’s degree in computer science and he and his wife raised their three children.

Finally in his 40’s, Mike decided to give in to all of the pent up comedy that had been building for the last 25 years, and started performing in open mics, and pretty much anywhere anyone would listen.

Although Mike performs mostly for corporate and church events, he can also be found featuring and headlining in some of the most prominent comedy clubs around the country. Mike has performed with some of today’s top comedy acts, including Nick Dipaolo, Tim Meadows, Dave Kirchner, Jim Breuer, David Spade, and many others.

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  • April 26th, 2013

    Time: 08:00 pm

    Price: $12.00

    Time: 10:00 pm

    Price: $12.00

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