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Intro to Acting – March 17th

This course enlarges the student’s understanding of “performance” in a playful, encouraging, collaborative atmosphere. Intro to Acting is designed to offer students a dynamic, engaging introduction to acting. It is specifically intended for those who’ve never studied acting before, or want to get back in touch with their creative impulses. Students will learn techniques for improving their self-confidence in a safe, playful environment through the exploration of basic acting principles. In fun and engaging exercises, students will work on overcoming stage-fright, improving focus and concentration, connecting with others through trust games and active listening, understanding “stage presence,” and opening their imaginations to playing characters.

Because actor training is also life training, students can expect to find new, deeper connections to others and their own creativity, unlocking profound layers of empathy through character exploration. Thus, particular emphasis will be given to expanding the imagination, supporting classmates’ growth, and collaborating effectively.

A memorized monolgue will be performed in front of the final class.


Ages: Adults 18+

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  • March 17th, 2018

    Time: 01:00 pm

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