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Fundraiser Show

Shaun Slade

Fundraise Show for Shaun Slade

Come out and help someone, who has helped so many others!


7:00 pm – SOLDOUT

9:00 pm

Throughout the last several months though, Shaun has had to deal with some unfortunate health related issues, leaving him homebound and unable to dedicate himself to the profession he loves.

Shaun Slade – Nurse

Making a difference in the lives of so many children, his patients know him as the man who would take away their “bo bo”. So good at his job in fact, that he’s able to interact on a child’s level, because they’re more or less the same size.

His coworkers regard him as a marvel, with more energy than a nurse on crack, and the focus super genius. Shaun embodies the action of a pinball going from one person to another. 

With more siblings than the Jackson 5, he always asserts himself as the one to watch… especially when he has scissors. 

Shaun is a friend that would give you the shirt off his back. Either that or he just want to show off his abs. When Shaun is not saving a life, you’d find him with his family, or enjoying a ride on his Harley. 

We all know Shaun to charismatic, energetic and highly motivated. And while we know he would meet any challenge with the voracity of a bull on Viagra, we have not forgotten that it is the strength of our family and friends that help us through the rough patches. 

The funny we bring on this comedy night is but a small portion of what he’s done for us. Please join us in celebrating a great nurse and honoring a close friend.

Scheduled to appear: Boomer Nichols, Frank Pantano, Ben Lewis and Steve Quincey!

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  • July 24th, 2014

    Time: 07:00 pm

    Sold Out

    Time: 09:00 pm

    Sold Out

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