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Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents comedian Erik Mackenroth

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emErik Mackenroth will be appearing at The Comedy Spot Comedy Club in Scottsdale, Arizona July 4, 5, 6.

Erik Mackenroth was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and moved with his family to Manteca, California in 1977. As Mackenroth grew up, he formed a love for comedy. In elementary and high school, he entered talent shows where he imitated popular comedians of the day such as, Rodney Dangerfield. Mackenroth went to college in central California where he majored in performing arts. This helped to prepare him for his future in the entertainment field. In 1995, Mackenroth performed in his first professional show in Walnut Creek, California. After he got a taste for the comedic stage, he moved to southern California a year later. He began at a café in Los Alomitos and from that point, he has been performing standup in a variety of venues.

Erik is currently Headlining and Featuring all over comedy clubs on the West Coast. Occasionally, he tours different cities in the United States to expand his fan base. Critics of Mackenroth’s comedy compare him to his childhood mentor, Don Rickles. They say that his style is extremely versatile and spontaneous. The audience is always surprised and never expects what will come next. One moment, Mackenroth could be poking fun at the audience, the next making fun of himself, or discussing something in life that is bothering him. He is well versed in clean shows, where he can comfortably perform for schools, private parties or corporate events.

Mackenroth is also known for his strong character work as well. Some of the personalities he is known for are, Stephen Zachary Solov the hockey player, and Fred the Iranian Boy Scout leader. A must see is Mackenroth’s celebrity golf tournament; these impressions include Sean Connery, Gilbert Godfry, Ozzy Ozbourne, Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Carry, Bill Cosby, Dr. Phil, and Robert Shaw. You can also find him at some shows as Tony Clifton where he is singing and yelling in character. Mackenroth has achieved many accomplishments as a comedian. He was a finalist in Orange County’s Funniest Person contest in 2002 and 2006. Mackenroth also appeared on “The Extreme Gong Show” as a Flamingo Dancer who shoved live cockroaches down his pants. Other television appearances include, “Clubhouse” on CBS and the ABC Family show, “Switched”. Mackenroth also appeared in the movie “Cloud Nine” with Burt Reynolds and National Lampoons Dirty Jokes the movie as a drunk.

He has also worked in commercials with Disney and Savin Photocopiers. Mackenroth has had the opportunity to open for big name comedians such as Vic Dunlop, Dat Phan, Bill Kirchenbauer, Jimmie Walker, Todd Glass, and Joey Medina from the Latino Kings of Comedy, just to name a few. You can listen to Erik every Tuesday morning on his radio show, “The Downtown Lounge” on www.latalkradio.com Personally, Mackenroth believes that comedy is comedy, meaning there should be no boundaries; as the point is to make people laugh. He thinks that people should come to a show with an open mind and be ready to hear and see anything. Comedy is sometimes subjective, but comedians are there for the love of the art of making people laugh. Mackenroth loves what he does and aspires to do much more.

Keep a close eye on this up and coming comedian and actor.

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