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Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents Rick Izquieta

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Scottsdale-Comedy-Spot-Rick-IzquietaComedian Rick Izquieta showcased his stand-up comedy set December 2013 on the Starz TV Network comedy show “STAANN’ DUP!!”, hosted by Donnell Rawlings of Comedy Central’s Dave Chappelle Show. Rick creates comedy sketches on Funny or Die, has been the voice for Black Belt TV’s MMA fights and Montejo Beer commercial. You can also find Rick’s stand-up on Sirius Radio and You Tube.
Rick brings tons of laughter to the comedy shows and is one of the fastest growing comedians out there today performing at all the big clubs in L.A., Hollywood and other big cities. You can follow Rick on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vine. Just search for RICK IZQUIETA.

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