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Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents DJ COOCH

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Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents DJ COOCH

Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents DJ COOCH

Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents DJ COOCH!

Without a single doubt, Jorge Aldama (a.k.a. DJ Cooch) has proven himself to be one of the hardest working performers in the entertainment industry. Equally at home behind the turntables in the dance hall or behind the microphone at a comedy club, there seems to be no limit to the talent of this versatile performer.

For over a decade, Cooch has been hitting the west coast as a DJ/remixer. He quickly went from backyard parties to hyping thousands at desert raves and different venues throughout the country, celebrity parties, awards shows, concerts, Universal Citywalk’s “New Years Eve Celebration,” and even his own show on Citywalk known as the “Latino Dance Party” with the now defunct partnership of Cooch and Xavier.

At many of these events, Cooch was not only spinning, he was also the show host. To the delight of audiences everywhere, it came to light that Cooch possesses the rare ability to walk onto any stage, pick up a microphone and immediately connect  with any audience regardless of age or demographic. He has what is commonly known as the “gift of gab.” This skill, in addition to fluency in English, Spanish and French, has landed him many gigs as a host such as “Rock the Vote 2001” with co-host Ashton Kutcher of That 70’s Show, host and opening act for Latino superstar Juan Gabriel in concert at Universal Studios Hollywood and many other events throughout the country.

These events led to the discovery of his new found passion: stand-up comedy. After years of countless requests from fans and friends, Cooch finally made his comedic debut in 2004, decimating a full house with a hilarious routine that has audiences and industry insiders buzzing about this “super rookie”.  Since then, he has been getting big laughs in comedy clubs all over the country.

Cooch is known as one of the only comics already headline and sell out shows at such an early stage of his career. He has shared the stage with comedic heavyweights such as Carlos Mencia, Pablo Francisco, Jeff Garcia, Steve Trevino and John Pinnet.

In addition to his numerous stand-up engagements, Cooch has also undertaken a new musical venture in affiliation with Center Stage Entertainment. “Cooch and Company” is a crew of young DJ’s taken under Cooch’s wing to provide music for any occasion. Be it an award show, company party or just a Hollywood mingle.  Cooch is making sure his professional legacy lives on.

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