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Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents CORY AND CHAD

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Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents Cory and Chad

Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents Cory and Chad

Scottsdale Comedy Spot presents CORY AND CHAD!

Cory and Chad AKA “The Smash Brothers” – are Identical Twins born and raised outside Los Angeles, CA. Cory was born four minutes before Chad, yet no proof as to which twin was really born first and they claim to “go off of what our drunk parents told us.” They have been doing standup comedy for the past 7 years and during that time they have been featured on various music videos, they were on the first season of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and have toured across the United States to sold out crowds.

Since January 2006 they have self produced and hosted a monthly hit comedy show at The World Famous Improv in Ontario, CA titled “The Dirty Show,” where comics can cut loose and not worry about being censored or having certain restrictions on what can and cannot be said. The show has sold out for the past 13 months straight. With impeccable timing and fantastic crowd work these two share stories of growing up as twins and all the antics involved in being Identical Twins. “We have found ways to make it through life being twins, and we are using it to our advantage.  Now were taking our life stories and sharing them with people at a comedy venue near you.”

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