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Improv Team Building Workshop

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Improvisation is about more than being funny. It involves active listening, confidence, creative thinking, flexibility and working as a team. Our staff has  years of experience in both the entertainment and corporate worlds, and our corporate curriculum allows us to build a workshop that will give your employees the tools to expand their creative potential while solidifying teamwork within your organization. Our interactive classes will make an impact where other presentations have failed. The experience is challenging, eye opening, exciting and fun.

No joke, improvisation is about more than being funny. The skills our actors need to be successful are the same skills business people need to be successful. You need to be able to listen, think on your feet, create and innovate quickly, communicate powerfully, and work well in a team when the pressure is on.

These “soft skills” turn out to be pretty important, in business and life. The good news is we teach them, with fun instructor-led courses that make learning fun. We offer standardized courses and custom program design, depending on your needs. And we thrive in a variety of settings, from embedded corporate university programs, to sales conferences, to team or departmental gatherings.

Let’s start with the basics: “What is an improv team building workshop?”
Over the course of 90 – 120 minutes, our instructors will teach your group basic improv comedy skills and team building techniques. (If you’re totally out of the loop, improv comedy is what you see on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”) It’s a lot of fun — and it also helps the group figure out new ways to communicate and work together collaboratively. The principles of improv can be applied to a number of everyday business and organizational challenges. Learning them can foster creativity, leadership, teamwork and respect. Improv can …

– demonstrate the power of teamwork and collaboration
– promote trust among colleagues
– improve communication and presentation skills
– teach “in-the-moment” thinking and build creative muscles

We have teachers available to work with groups of all sizes. Workshops can be held at The Comedy Spot, or the teachers can come to you. This is the kind of event that will have the office talking for weeks — contact us and tell us about your group and get a price quote.

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