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July 01 02

The favorite son of Baltimore, Erik Myers has been killing audiences with his fast-paced, high-energy comedy for the last few years. It really has to be seen in person to be believed (this isn’t Erik writing this paragraph, by the … More Info/Tickets »

July 07

*Special Event – No Groupons, Coupons or Living Socials ARIZONA STATE COMEDY COMPETITION We began this competition way back in 2005 and it’s back!  This contest got so big at one point, we were holding the finals in The Venue … More Info/Tickets »

July 08 09

Sacramento Native Carlos brings a clever, silly and approachable voice to comedy. His observational humor touches beyond common daily occurrences to deep-rooted memories of his childhood, view on the simplest ideas, and the most offbeat subject matter. Carlos was voted … More Info/Tickets »

July 15 16

Tim started his comedy career as a senior in high school and has never looked back. 18 years and over 2,500 performances later, he is now headlining clubs and colleges throughout the U.S. and Canada. By the time Tim was … More Info/Tickets »

July 22 23

“[Allison Gill is] deceptively clever and suitably interactive.”  — Will Shilling, San Diego CityBeat Allison Gill helped build the burgeoning comedy scene in San Diego at the helm of what was once considered the best open mic at the Blarney … More Info/Tickets »

July 24

*Special Event – No Groupons, Coupons or Living Socials  

July 29 30

About Jennifer Murphy After starting her stand up career in New York where she spent many years performing in live Theatre, Sketch, and Improv troupes, Jennifer Murphy moved to Los Angeles 9 years ago and has since been seen on … More Info/Tickets »

August 05 06

Luis Villaseñor was born February 6, 1983. He was the last-born child to two Mexican parents. He was raised in the streets of South Central Los Angeles, where he tormented his schoolteachers with constant jokes and quick comebacks. That was … More Info/Tickets »

August 07

*Special Event – No Groupons, Coupons or Living Socials The best and brightest new comedy talent out of the Comedy Spot Stand-up Comedy Classes, show off their stuff in this special showcase show. Come out and see the comedy stars … More Info/Tickets »

August 12 13

Dave is a story-teller who often calls on his colorful college career and his continuing voyage into being a young father and husband for material. Over the past several years Dave has performed and excelled in many prestigious Comedy Festivals … More Info/Tickets »

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